Know your CyberSpace

About Expert:

Mr. Makarand Wagh

  • Ex-law Enforcement officer
  • Digital Fraud Investigator
  • Co-founder & Director of Macans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Honored with “Times Power Men of The Year 2020 Awards


About Workshop:

“Know your CyberSpace” – Protect yourself, your organization and your personal data.

Brought to you by FTC Talent Media & Entertainment.

So you have a smartphone and a laptop? And you have virus protection as well as high privacy settings? Does that mean your precious data, private photos and bank apps are protected? Or even your social media accounts? NO WAY! If the US government can get hacked anyone of us can get hacked. So why wait for the inevitable to happen.

FTC Talent Media & Entertainment brings you an exciting workshop on how to save your CyberSpace, in partnership with Macans Technologies & Macans Infotech – among the world’s leading cyber security and anti-hacking organizations and the #1 entity in India that will tell you the importance of protection. A partnership about the right use of technology to benefit you.

In a time when the biggest movies are hacked into digitally by pirates and released online, causing millions in losses to a vulnerable industry, it is specially crucial for Filmmakers to adopt the latest technologies in protection against piracy. From a simple romantic photo on your phone, your financial transactions; to an entire film – EVERYONE is vulnerable.

FTC Talent brings to you – Macans Technologies, to tell you all about Cyber Safety.

Macans is an Institution to Train & create a revolution on Cyber Secure Safe Society for TODAY’s WORLD. Macans offers specialized courses on Cyber Security, Cloud Computing & Digital Forensic Investigation for Universities, Colleges, Schools, Technical, Non-Technical Graduates, Police Officers, Govt., & Corporates and Counseling on Cyber Psychology for Students and parents known as Macans Digital Detox and Create Awareness’ through Webinars, Seminars for schools ,colleges and corporates.

Macans Technologies has been honored with “Excellence in Cyber Threat Management Literacy” Award at the 2nd Inter-National Cyber Security Summit & Awards 2021 organized during WSIS Forum-A united Nations Event in Geneva (Switzerland) by CMAI Association of India.

Macans Infotech is a Parent company which specializes in Digital Forensic Investigation, Data Security and Cyber Security like Mobiles,Laptop, anything and everything related to digital.

Macans helps you to secure and manage your data at all times; the Past, The Present and The Future.

This Cyber Safety Workshop is for individuals as well as organizations of all sizes.

Remember the message we were all taught at school? ‘SAFETY FIRST’. That applies more than ever to your cyber activities.
Remember – one WhatsApp video or forward can cause you great harm.
Remember – one misplaced OTP can cheat you of your money.
And one weak link can leak your movies, data and records.

Stay sharp, stay current and stay aware & “Know your Cyberspace”.
What you will learn at this workshop?
– Why knowing your cyberspace is very, very important.
– What happens when you have a digital incident?

Macans will tell you ‘Don’t panic’
‘How to treat the situation’
‘How to be careful in the future’
‘How to be aware of Privacy laws and Information Technology Act’

Save yourself, & Save your near and dear ones

To prepare everybody for a new World, Online World.
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10th July 2021, Saturday


03.00 PM To 06.00 PM


  • What is Cyberspace.
  • What is Cyber Crime?
  • Types of Cyber attack.
  • How data gets stored in different locations. i.e Application layer, Cloud, Third party cloud, Mobile physical memory.
  • How vulnerable your devices are.
  • What is Virus, Bugs. Software and Physical hidden bugs.
  • How to protect your devices. How to identify if your phone, machines are bugged.
  • How to report cyber crime.
  • Dos and Dont’s.
  • Social media Entertainment, Talent industries- Problems, Cyber attack and preventive measures.
  • Major investigations case study. Bollywood, Entertainment Industry.
  • How to protect yourself.